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Tax planning and preparation can be stressful, especially when you do not fully understand the many forms and numbers. When it comes time to file your taxes in the Nanticoke, PA and Sugarloaf, PA areas, call on the help of Michelle Hazleton, CPA, PC. Our team of knowledgeable, friendly CPAs, accountants, and staff are ready to help you prepare and file your taxes. Call our Nanticoke, PA, firm today at (570) 735-0418 or the Sugarloaf firm at (570) 359-3500.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment

When visiting Michelle Hazleton, CPA, PC, to prepare your taxes, it is important to bring all necessary documents with you. If you are new to our firm, please bring a copy of your previous three years of tax returns. Existing and new clients will need to bring the following paperwork, if applicable:

  • Form W-2
  • Form 1099-INT
  • Form 1099-DIV
  • Form 1099-G
  • Form 1099-SA
  • Daycare Statement with name, address, & federal identification number indicating the total cost of child care
  • Form 1098-T
  • Form W-2G
  • Form 1099R

Learn More About Tax Deductions

The opportunity to itemize has greatly decreased with the passing of a new tax law in 2019. The IRS now gives you a flat rate for a deduction based on your filing status:

Married Filing Jointly (MFJ): $24,400
Single (S): $12,200
Head of Household (HH): $18,350
Married Filing Separately (MFS): $12,200

If you think the total of potential itemized deductions are greater than the amounts above, contact us. Please bring your mortgage interest statement, property tax bills, and/or a summary of both cash and non-cash items.

What to Expect at Your Tax Planning and Preparation Appointment

If you are a new client, please prepare the following information for your tax planning appointment:

Telephone number
School district where you live
Social Security number & birthdays of everyone on your tax return
Copies of driver’s license (not for dependents)
Job Titles
Banking information for tax refunds

We will do a quick review of your tax returns from prior years to see if there is anything unusual. We will ask you to see them temporarily so we can thoroughly review them before preparing your current tax returns.

Things to Consider Before Filing Your Taxes

At Michelle Hazleton, CPA, PC, our team realizes that we may be the only professionals you see throughout the year, so it is best to cover all bases and know that your finances are on track. Some things to consider when visiting Michelle Hazelton, CPA, PC, during tax time include:

  • Did any changes occur to your finances during the tax year?
  • Do you have a current will? This is especially important if you have children.
  • What is your current mortgage interest rate? Does it make sense to refinance?
  • How much of a house can you afford to buy?
  • Do you have mounting credit card debt? At Michelle Hazleton, CPA, PC, we can help you find a program to start paying it off.
  • Do you know how you will pay for your child’s education?
  • Do you have life insurance? If not, do you need it?
  • Take a look at your household budget. Where is your paycheck going?
  • Are you getting closer to receiving social security? We will give you options on how to get there.
  • Do you understand your retirement plan at work? Are you funding it?
  • How are investments going? Do you have a solid portfolio? When was the last time you spoke with your financial planner?
  • Do you want to pay less taxes or get a smaller or larger refund?

Learn more about your effective tax rate to better track your projected refund during the next tax year.

When you visit Michelle Hazelton, CPA, PC, we will answer any of these questions or others you may have regarding your future finances. If we cannot answer your question, we will find someone who can.

Allow Michelle Hazleton, CPA, PC to relieve the stress of tax planning and preparation.